Laser Tag 8 to 9 players per team
NY Bounce House
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Laser Tag 8 to 9 players per team

Outlets: 1

Monitors: 2

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Everyone loves this game. Choose from our many options to create a experience that your guest will remember. Whether you choose our top of the line premium package or our regular package, this one will not disappoint you. We provide the industry’s best commercial outdoor lazer tag equipment to private parties, groups, college students and organizations throughout New York state and beyond.  Is this great for any event including birthday celebrations, special events, group events, fundraisers, corporate team building, fairs and festivals.   We use the most advanced IR/RF technology taggers that can be played indoors, outdoors, in daylight and darkness.  They reach further than paintball/airsoft guns, are more accurate and are not affected by wind.
We can set up in a variety of locations such as: front yards, back yards, parks, schools, event halls, parking lots, tennis courts, gymnasiums, and wilderness areas. You can play team games and scenario games. We have flags, obstacles, and re-spawn centers to enable an experience similar to today’s popular video games such as Halo or Call of Duty.